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Quick Tips Before Beginning a New Fitness Program

When beginning a new health, fitness or nutrition program- here is some of my top advice:

1- Start Where You Are
Don’t wait until you have the perfect training shoes, a fancy gym membership, or hired a trainer. Start as soon as you can with what you have. It might be you and your Nikes. It might be your
and your favorite DVD. Whatever it is­ just START! It is the start that stops most people and as Nike says­ JUST DO IT!

Just Start







2- Keep Active Daily
Do something to move your body everyday. You can alternate between hiking, swimming, training at the gym, zumba, your favorite workout dvd or even walking the dog. No matter what,
make a point to stay active. The endorphins created during exercise can boost your energy and mood, and I promise they will be habit forming.

3- Take That Class, Push Play or Join An Online Support Group
Take that class you have had your eye on, pick a new home workout program that you can do in your living room and join a virtual accountability group!! The energy of groups like these will give you the motivation, support, kinship, and connection you need to keep going! Knowing you have others there for you will keep you on track and less likely to quit.

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4- Do Exercises that You Enjoy

If you workout by doing an exercise program that you love, you will be much more likely to stick with it. It might be running or zumba or kickboxing. It could be cross fit or step or yoga. My go-­to favs are Turbo Fire, Piyo and the 21 Day Fix! Whichever it is­ you will know that it is your workout when you think about it the next day and look forward to it. You will know when it makes you smile even when you are a little uncomfortable and when you see the results start to come! When these things happen ­you won’t want to stop!

5- Focus on Your Health, Not on Looks
Internal motivation and focusing on how you will FEEL, rather than how you will look after a workout dont-give-up-ok-20130224426can support you in sticking with it. When you feel better­ you won’t want to go back to your old ways. You will want to keep going and improving! Extra bonus=exercise can help slow the aging process too­ which is another huge PLUS!

6- Whatever you do­ Don’t Give Up!!!
You may at times feel frustrated when you hit a plateau or you might feel like you can’t reach your next milestone. Trust me­ keep at it!! If you keep going­ you will reach your goal. And if you
hit a plateau­ confuse your body by mixing up those workouts and even decide in your head to push harder and give a little more!

7- Don’t Use the Excuse “I don’t have time”

Excuses are just ways to procrastinate and prevent yourself from staying on course. It is true­ there is no time, unless you choose to MAKE TIME. But YOU ARE WORTH IT! You have one body­ so if you have to give up something else ( like TV) to focus on you and your health­ do it! Even if its in 10 minute intervals­ just do whatever you can daily. Your body, health, mind and future self with thank you!


Believe in yourself and what you want for your body & mind!

You will be better for everyone around you and life in general when you take care of YOU!
I am here to help you be fit, be healthy, be happy! Join my next virtual bootcamp so you can feel, be and live your best! The support, accountability, daily motivation and fun just might be what you need!

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